Online Proxy Server Checker

Our online proxy checker tests HTTP(S), SOCKS4, and SOCKS5 proxies anonymity and response time quickly by utilizing proprietary multi-threaded software to check even the largest proxy lists. Intelligent text scanning algorithms will find all proxies within any submitted data format and results can be easily viewed and exported after each check has completed.
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Proxy Checker Explained

Proxy Input: Accepts up to 1,000,000 characters of text and allows a maximum of 40,000 proxies.

Input Format: FreeProxyChecker will find proxies in ip port format within ANY submitted text.

Connect Timeout: Maximum amount of time to spend connecting to the proxy.

Request Timeout: Total maximum time for the proxy to complete a request. (Including Connect Time)

Proxy Protocol: Specifies the protocol that should be used to check the submitted proxies. (HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS5)

Check For SSL Support: Specifies whether or not to check if a proxy supports SSL. (HTTPS)

Prepend Protocol To Proxy: Adds the specified protocol to the beginning of each proxy. (e.g.

Standard Scan: Checks only if a proxy can respond to a HTTP(S) request with a masked IP. (Anonymous Proxy)

Different IP Scan: Checks if a proxy's response IP to a HTTP(S) request is DIFFERENT than the proxy's host IP. (Anonymous Proxy)

Safe Headers Scan: Checks if a proxy is returning the requesting IP in HTTP headers and omits those that Fail. (e.g. X-Forwarded-For) (Elite Proxy)

Safe Headers Different IP Scan: Checks for different proxy response IP and checks headers for forwarded IPs. (Combo Scan, Elite High Anonymous Proxy)

About Free Proxy Checker

Welcome to, the fastest and most reliable free proxy checker available online. Founded in April 2020, we have been committed to providing our users with the best possible experience when it comes to checking proxies. Our proprietary scanning techniques ensure that 100% of tested proxies work at the time of being checked, providing you with accurate and reliable results that you can trust. We update and check our free proxy lists every hour to ensure that they are always live and fresh, and we strive to deliver the best possible service to our users.

At, we offer a variety of features that allow you to customize your proxy checking experience. Our proxy checker accepts up to 1,000,000 characters of text and allows a maximum of 40,000 proxies, making it easy to check large lists quickly and efficiently. Our smart proxy seeking algorithms can find proxies in ANY submitted data format to ensure every last proxy gets checked. We also offer various options for protocol, timeout, and SSL support, allowing you to customize your proxy checking process to meet your specific needs. Our different scan options, including the Standard Scan, Different IP Scan, and Safe Headers Scan, ensure that you are getting accurate and detailed results for each proxy that you check.

When it comes to privacy, we take it seriously here at We require no account or information to use our anonymous proxy checker. All checked proxies are only made available to the uploader and are NOT redistributed. However, you can share scan results via the provided result link. Checked lists are deleted automatically after 90 days and are never included in the free proxy lists. This ensures that your data is kept safe and secure, and your privacy is always respected.

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