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About FreeProxyChecker

Founded in April 2020, FreeProxyChecker.com is a fast free proxy scanner that delivers reliable results you can trust.
With our proprietary scanning techniques, we guarantee 100% of scanned proxies will work at the time of being scanned.
The free proxy lists are updated and checked twice per day. Feel free to add the lists to your scraper.
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Proxy Checker Explained:

Proxy Input Format: FreeProxyChecker will find proxies in ip:port format within ANY submitted text.
Proxy Input: Accepts up to 70,000 characters of text and allows a maximum of 3,000 proxies.
Connect Timeout: Maximum amount of time to spend connecting to the proxy.
Request Timeout: Total maximum time for the proxy to complete a request. (Including Connect Time)
Proxy Protocol: Specifies the protocol that should be used to check the submitted proxies. (HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS5)
Check For SSL Support: Specifies whether or not to check if a proxy supports SSL. (HTTPS)
Standard Scan: Checks only if a proxy can respond to a HTTP(S) request.
Different IP Scan: Checks if a proxy's response IP to a HTTP(S) request is DIFFERENT than the proxy's host IP.
Safe Headers Scan: Checks if a proxy is forwarding the requesting IP in HTTP headers and omits those that Fail. (e.g. X-Forwarded-For) (Elite Proxy)
Safe Headers Different IP Scan: Checks for different proxy response IP and checks headers for forwarded IPs. (Combo Scan, High Anonymous Proxy)

Privacy Notice

Here at FreeProxyChecker.com, we take your privacy seriously. No user data is stored with the exception of the proxies themselves.
All uploaded proxies are made available only to the uploader and are NOT redistributed. However, you can share scan results via the
provided result link. Scanned lists are deleted automatically after 90 days and are NEVER included in the free proxy lists!